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A couple months back the phone rang and some guy said, “The editors here at Popular Photography Magazine have discovered your website and everyone loves it!”

Lately we’ve been plagued by incessant telemarketers or other nuisance callers while most of my photo assignments come in as emails so at times I don’t answer my phone, presuming “real” callers will leave a voicemail. Half expecting a telemarketer, I answered this call extra officially but was pleasantly surprised by this legit caller with such an awesome first comment! Telling a photographer you “love” the work is an almost surefire way to provoke a positively pleasant response! PLUS, Popular Photography has to be the first photo magazine I ever purchased so it’s cool being featured in a publication that holds a bit of nostalgia.

Peter Kolonia, Popular Photography Magazine senior editor, continued by saying the editors loved many photographs on my CatDog site yet were looking at one particular photograph to feature in a two-page “How It Was Done…” feature. They were especially curious about this photograph I call “Max Under Rug,” an image that has been in many of my successful CatDog portfolios which have landed nice shoots for pet clients of large national advertising agencies. (as well as cat and dog shoots with discriminating local pet owners, the “secret source” of much of my portfolio)

CLICK HERE to see the online feature from the June 2014 issue of Popular Photography Magazine.

By chance the photograph Pop Photo chose to feature is a personal photograph made in our warehouse/studio/loft of our own cat Maxwell, a purebred Somali, an old man with a big-personality – 88 in human years – with the habit of hiding beneath whatever he can cover himself with so he feels concealed. I suppose Max’s jungle genetics cause him to fantasize about laying in wait for unsuspecting game.

The day this photograph was made Max had managed to get under a bedroom rug with no help from anyone so as soon as I noticed him under the rug I quickly sprinted for the closest camera – in this case my old Nikon F5 film camera loaded with ISO 400 black & white film – and made photographs as described in the article. The original is a black & white negative scanned in our Imacon scanner.

The fact this frame is now fully colorized in tedious detail – almost nobody notices it’s not original color – remains a “go figure” we’ll discuss in another post – or maybe in another magazine article. I’m a strong believer in the notion color is as we each perceive it. (and some of us are color blind or color resistant…) I’m sure you’ve never heard of “GP RGB” but…you’re looking at it.


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Gillian Hersh - June 13, 2014 - 10:01 AM

What a great image! I love your work.